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PIAA 1141 Replacement Bulb in Amber Orange

 Accessory - PIAA 1141 Replacement Bulb in Amber Orange
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"PIAA Mirror Orange 1156 27W Light Bulb Twin Pack -- Twisted in bulb - single filament. manufacturer part no: 1156, 3497, 1073, 1141, 12498, 7506, 12496, P21W"

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One Pair of PIAA Mirror Orange 1156 Light Bulbs


PIAA Miniature Bulbs - 1156 27W Mirror Orange Bulbs
Looking for a replacement signal bulb that will stay amber orange color with light up, yet, don?t want to see the orange color bulb in your vehicle housing? PIAA has the perfect solution for you. Introducing the newest Mirror Orange Bulbs from PIAA, as we all know the quality of PIAA light bulbs. Now PIAA develop their bulb in to smallest detail, their new Mirror Orange accessories bulbs feature special effect color bulb coating, which gives their Mirror Orange Light Bulb like silver in the housing. But when you turn on the light, it will shine out a bright amber orange color. Match these bulbs to both headlights and other accessory lights for a sleek, unified appearance.

Fitment Note: Bulb types vary by vehicle. Please verify that your vehicle uses a bulb type of 1141 prior to ordering.
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Manufacturer part number(s): 19347

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