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PIAA H4 Super Plasma GT-X Halogen Light Bulbs

 Accessory - PIAA H4 Super Plasma GT-X Halogen Light Bulbs
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PIAA H4 Super Plasma GT-X Halogen Light Bulbs

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These PIAA H4 Super Plasma GT-X halogen light bulbs have a color temperature range of 3,800K at low beam, which is a warm yellow light, and a 5,000K high beam, a bright and pure white light. The lens itself is tinted with blue and purple hues which allow the low beam to appear purple and the high beam to be a blue-white color.

PIAA automotive light bulbs are manufactured to save energy and provide less heat, lengthening the life of the bulbs. With a 60/55W energy output, it is able to produce light as strong as a 135/120W regular halogen light bulb.

Additional Info

5000K Color temperature.

60/55 wattage consumption with an output that looks equal to 135/120W.

Sold in pairs.

Fitment Note: Bulb types vary by vehicle. Please verify that your vehicle uses a bulb type of H4 prior to ordering.
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