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Super Bright LED 125 Dome Light in Super White

 Accessory - Super Bright LED 125 Dome Light in Super White

"Super Ultra Bright LED 1.25" dome light bulbs (OEM package light bulb )with build-in 4 super LED. Interior dome light bulbs. 1.25 in manufacturer part no: DE3021, DE3022, DE3175, DE3425, 212-2, 12844. Available Super White"

Bulb Type

Dome 125

Additional Info

(Price for one pair) / LED light bulbs / Bulb size: Lenght = 1.25inch, Width = 3/8inch. Lenght = 31mm, Width = 10mm.


Newest bulb upgrades for your car, truck or SUV - Super High Intensity Festoon Type Dome Light Super Ultra-Bright LED, automotive LED Light, car replacement bulb. (Multi-LED wide light source-designed automotive LED replacement light bulb for car.)

With all the latest technology on the market coming out for the new vehicles, LED lighting is one of the most exciting innovations. Automotive LED lights produce more intense light that travels faster and farther then any ordinary automotive light. Consume at least 20 times less power than regular bulbs and have a much longer life span, which means you save more money. Our new line of automotive LED light bulbs gives you all the benefits of LED lighting, which you can't get from regular light bulbs. Plus, this super Ultra-Bright LED features a Super-bright color. This LED replacement bulb is the most solid color light on the market that you can get for your car.
    Features for the Festoon Type dome light LED replacement bulb, 4 super ultra-bright white LED dial interior dome light bulb:
  • Low power consumption: 12V 0.2W
  • A fit for most imported and domestic vehicles
  • FOUR high Intensity LEDs in each dome light bulb
  • Super ultra-bright white color to mix with the headlight or fog light
  • Fits manufacturer?s part No. DE3021, DE3022 , DE3175, DE3425, 2122, 12844
This automotive LED light upgrade is the best fit to replace factory bulbs for brake lights, rear tail lights, side marker lights, front marker lights, dome lights, dash board lights and interior lights.
For some vehicles with fast signaling or LED burnout problems, install one of the LED Load Resistors to solve the LED signaling problem.

Fitment Note: Bulb types vary by vehicle. Please verify that your vehicle uses a bulb type of Dome 125 prior to ordering.
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Manufacturer part number(s): EAW30224W

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